Top 10 Secret Landscapes in China

From InternsInBeijingSee stunning landscapes in China, that you didn't even know exist.10 Hongshan Grand Canyon, XinjiangColourful HongshanThe 15.5-mile-long c

TOP 5 weird, but beautifying Chinese foods

Food is fuel for the body. But if we want to improve our health and beauty then it is important to fill ourselves up with the right kind of fuel.The Chinese are

China’s diversified food fare appeals to a growing number of global gastronomes

Taihu white shrimp and shrimp with wild rice stems, two dishes served at Huai Yang Fu restaurant in Beijing. Photo: Courtesy of Xie LingChina's culinary cultur

Bike Over Traffic: World’s Longest Elevated Cycling Path Opens in China

China’s first aerial bike path spans nearly five miles, raised over streets and highways and connecting six public transit hubs in the heart of Xiamen. If

Chinese authorities destroy fake tourist attraction

Just in case your next tourist destination is Xi’an, make sure you get a certified tour book and check your list of “places I would like to visit” with the authorities or you just might end up staring at the fake tourist attractions. 

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