Qinghai Lake Biking Tour
Qinghai Lake Biking Tour Qinghai Lake Biking TourQinghai Lake Biking TourQinghai Lake Biking TourQinghai Lake Biking Tour
Qinghai Lake Biking Tour

Duration:6 days

Tour Type:Biking Tour

Best Time to Go:July-August


Highlights:Shuijingxiang Alley
Qinghai Lake
Rape Flower

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Qinghai Lake, located in the east of Tibet Plateau is the largest Salt Lake of China. It is well known for its beautiful natural landscape and more recently the Tour de Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race. This biking route is based on the Qinghai Lake cycling race but can be personalized made to meet client requirements as well as the beautiful landscape around Qinghai Lake. 

The total distance of this biking route is about 480 km.

Day 1:Arrival Xining

On arrival, be greeted by the guide at the Xining airport. Xining is a growing metropolis and a melting pot for the many cultures that inhabit the region including Tibetans, the Muslim Hui and Sala, Mongolian, as well as Han Chinese. It serves as the political, economic and cultural centre of Qinghai Province.

In the city center, there is an old and special market walking alley where different local specialties are available, such as Tibetan stuff, snacks, and fruits. It has been given an interesting name, “Shuijingxiang Alley”, which means “water-well alley” in English, for at the entrance is there an old well. This market alley is always a must-visit both to the locals and for the tourists. So check it out in person and feel something special indeed.

Overnight Xining Haolong Hotel

Meal: D


Day 2:Xining to Xihai Town and 151 Base

Today, we transfer 100km from Xining to Xihai Town, the capital town of Haibei Tibetan Prefecture in Qinghai. The town is famous for the grassland, namely: golden and silver grassland. On the grassland you can see many yaks and sheep enjoy their peaceful life with the fresh and abundant grass under the clear and blue sky. What is most attractive point of this massive grassland is its touching romantic story. A very pop love song-In that distant place- was originally written here in 1940’s. And the love song makes the grassland so well known in China since then.

151 Base, also called Erlangjian, is named because it is 151 km far from Xining City. It is the nuclear scenic site in Qinghai Lake, a great place to visit the lake.  

Altitude range from2, 200m to 3,200m

Biking distance: 80km

Overnight Tibet Treasure Hotel

Meal:B, L,D


Day 3:Erlangjian to Dark Horse River

This morning, we bike to Dark Horse River.

It is a small town to the west of Qinghai Lake on the Lake West Road. Here is the best place to watch sunrise over the vast Qinghai Lake; no wonder the locals call the lake the “sea”. The road to another town is the most beautiful one around the lake.

Altitude range from3,200m to 3,500m

Biking distance: 70km

Overnight Wanghu Hotet 

Meal: B, L,D


Day 4:Dark Horse River to Gangcha

This day, we will ride to Gangcha, which locates a bird island. 

The Bird Island would be the largest pearl on it. It is situated on the western shore of Qinghai Lake. The island has been turned into a peninsula largely due to the receding waters off its shores. The island holds its name due to the approximately 10,000 birds that, at different seasons throughout the year, migrate here from all over the world. To these of thousands of migrant birds, the island has become a very important bird sanctuary. 

Altitude range from3,200m to 3,300m

Biking distance: 110km

Overnight Gangcha Beach Holiday Hotel

Meal: B, L,D


Day 5:Gangcha to Xihai Town and Xining

We will ride back today from Gangcha to Xihai Town and Xining. This is our last and longest biking.

Altitude range from3,100m to 2,295m

Biking distance: 120km

Overnight Xining Haolong Hotel

Meal: B,L,D


Day 6:Depart Xining 

Enjoy your free time to explore around before our guide comes to meet you up in the lobby of the hotel. Then transfer to hotel and fly home.

Trip ended.