Service Standards
Service Standards
Trip Routes
Principally, Diverse China Travel Requires Each Of The Tour Associates To Know The Destinations Well By Any Means Of Traveling Or Requests To The Local Agencies To Figure Out All The Relative Details Of All Our Tours. For Each Adventure As Hiking And Biking, Diverse China Travel Will Never Add Any New Route Into Schedules Available Until Survey Or Pre-View Has Been Successfully Done.
Diverse China Travel Carefully Chooses All The Hotels, Comparing Location, Service, Price And Characteristics. In Small Towns Or Villages In Remote Undeveloped Areas, Diverse China Travel Also Tries Best To Provide Our Clients With High-Level Accommodations As Comfortable As Possible.
China Is A Kingdom Of Cuisines With Various Tastes. In Beijing, For Example, Except The Renowned Peking Ducks, There Are Lots Of Restaurants Offered So Called Imperial Banquet And All Different Cuisines From All Over China. 
If You Like Spicy Food, You Can Never Stop Enjoying It Even You Get Sweating In The Hot-Pot Restaurants In Sichuan. Other Foods Like Snack (Dim Sum) From Guangdong Cuisine, Sour Soup Fish From Guizhou, Guoqiao Rice Noodles From Yunnan, Etc.
Diverse China Travel Takes Dinning As An Indispensable Experience To Clients Since It Is An Important Part In Chinese Culture. Therefore, Diverse China Travel Will Not Intend To Take Clients To Luxurious And Fancy Restaurants (Unless Clients Require That). The Restaurants We Use Are Non-Touristy Local Ones Which Offer Delicious Foods, With Nice Or Interesting Atmosphere.
In Some Areas, The Restaurants Might Be Simple In The Country But Diverse China Travel Guarantees Its Sanitary And Cleanliness. 
Even On Our Trek, We Encourage Our Cook To Offer Clients Food With New Tastes From Day To Day.
As The Tap Water In China Is Not For Drink, Diverse China Travel Recommends Clients To Drink Bottled Water Throughout Your Trip In China, Or Boiled Water On Treks. Diverse China Travel Offers Bottled Water All The Days, And Soft Drinks Like Cola, Sprite Or Chinese Tea Or If Possible Juice In Restaurants. In The Simple Restaurants Or On Camping, Diverse China Travel Provides Boiled Water, Instant Coffee Or Juice, Wrapped Milk.
For Alcohol Drinks, Diverse China Travel Advises Clients Beers At Certain Amount On Daily Meals. Diverse China Travel Also Offers Red Or White Wines Or Local Spirits On Welcome Dinner Or/And Farewell Dinner, But Not On Any Other Meals On The Tour.
All Guides Of Diverse China Travel Are Professional & Experienced Guides, With Passion To Share Our Deeply Beloved Country With Clients. The Diverse Geographic Scenery, The Long History And Various Cultures Are What We Devote To Introducing To Our Clients. Each Of Our Guides Loves The Town/City He/She Lives And Be Happy To Share It With You. Our Guides Will Take Clients As Not Only Clients But Also Friends.
In Each Destination, We Will Do Our Best To Arrange Native Guides If They Are Qualified. However, We Cannot Guarantee That We Must Use Local Guide Who Grow Up In That Area. The Language Skills, Personality, Education Backgrounds Are The Key Points When We Choose Our Guides. We Suggest Our Clients Do Not Expect The Language Skill Of The Guide In Remote Southwest Would Be As Good As In Big Cities Like Beijing, Xian And Shanghai, But They Know Their Home Places Well And Are Very Enthusiastic Etc. Our Guides May Not Be The Best With Language Skills In Each Place, But They Are Among The Best Guides In Each Destination.
Vehicles And Drivers
In Most Destinations In China, All The Roads Are Well Paved Though The Traffic Is Quite Messed Up Like In Beijing And Shanghai. We Use Proper Vehicles, Car, Van, Bus Or Coach In Good Condition Based On The Size Of The Groups. We Use 4WD Jeeps Or Land Cruisers Only On The Rough Road Where The Other Vehicles Could Not Pass Through Or Based On Clients Requirement On Overland Journeys Or Treks. 
We Use Drivers Who Are Native Or Local Of Each Travel Destinations And Maintain Good Safety Records For All Tours.
Diverse China Travel Promises No Obligated Shopping At Any Destinations Throughout The Entire Tour. That Is A Big Difference Between Diverse China Travel And Other Travel Services. 
Our Guide Will NOT Take Our Clients To Any Stores With Kick-Backs. If Clients Recommend Shopping, Diverse China Travel Guides Will Bring Clients To The Transparent Stores In The Shopping Malls.
However, Diverse China Travel Does Not Encourage Our Clients To Buy Valuable Goods If You Are Not Sure About The Quality.
Small Souvenirs Are Fine But Mostly You Need To Bargain With The Vendors Or Store Owners Particularly In The Flea Market. Do Not Be Too Shy To Bargain. You Also Can Get Lots Of Fun From Shopping.
Safety First! On Any Trip, Diverse China Travel Stresses Safety And Security Of Consumers As The Priority. The Following Are The Ways What Diverse China Travel Does To Guarantee It:
As We Mention All Along, Diverse China Travel Will Not Run Any Trip Which Has Not Been Surveyed By Our Crew Or Local Agencies. 
All Diverse China Travel Crew Will Concern Utmost The Safety And Security On Each Client On Our Tours.
Liability Insurance From Diverse China Travel, Including Personal Travel Accident Insurance.
Diverse China Travel Also Encourages Clients To Pursuit Travel Insurance From Your Own Country, Which Will Make Your Travel Much Easier.