What clients say about us

The most amazing experience! I highly recommend that the fist and second part of our trip be marketed by ***. Our second guide was out of this world incredible. We were so fortunate to have him on this trip.
-Mr. & Mrs. Gordon from the US
April 16th, 2024

Thank you for organizing our trip, everyone really enjoyed it very much - we will be back to China and will use you when we next come!  If we have friends going to China, we will absolutely recommend you.  If you ever need a recommendation for another customer, we'd be happy to help!

--Anthony, from the US, 
He and his family traveled to Beijing, Guilin, Chengdu & Xian, from March 23rd to April 4th 2024,

Just wanted to let you know that we have heard some feedback from these clients. In short they had an amazing trip and are so happy to have finally explored one of their dream destinations. When asked to evaluation the trip by using a 1-10 rating, they said '12'!!    
--Jeff, our partner from the US

In September I joined a fund raising effort for Leukemia and Blood Cancer NZ to trek along parts of The Great Wall. My partner Fiona accompanied me on that trip, which was organised through Inspired Adventures. Our in country tour guides, Michael and Freeman, were employed by Diverse China Travel. Both Michael and Freeman did a tremendous job during our time on The Great Wall and in Beijing also. All aspects of the in country experience were extremely well organised. Michael, in particular, took great care to organize wonderful meals for the group and to make sure our time in China was insightful, enjoyable and fun. I would be happy to recommend both Michael and Freeman to others who want to make the most of their time visiting The Great Wall. Diverse China Travel did a first rate job!

Dean Bermuda, from New Zealand, after Leukaemia Foundation Blood Cancer in Sep 2017 

I recently participated in the 2016 BCNA Great Wall of China Challenge in October this year. What a surprise the whole adventure was for me.

I am struggling to find the words to describe the experience as a whole, it was amazing, and even now four weeks later, making the time to think about our trip stirs up so much beautiful emotion. The tour was very well organized, well planned and very flexible. I never expected such amazingly delicious food, such spectacular scenery and a really incredible exposure to the Great Wall in particular. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had.

But - I really must commend the tour guides. You would be aware that there are several places on the original wall, that are quite high and not very wide at all, and as a 53-year-old female who has incurred 7 bone fractures in the past 6 years, I really struggled in these locations, and on one occasion I lost it completely and froze, unable to move forward or backwards. Without the experience, patience, re-assurance and thoughtfulness of the guides I possibly would not have completed the challenge.

Michael the leader, never hesitated to offer me his hand, and other members of the group told me how he would literally run back to help me when it was needed. He did a terrific job for the whole tour and I could imagine that this is a very difficult job dealing with fussy westerners and taking it all in good spirit, humor and a great amount of patience. Freeman was in particular amazing as an assistant.

Freeman demonstrated great patience, kindness but what struck me most of all was his respect. You never knew he was there, and suddenly he is offering to take your photo, re-assure you and hold your hand, find you when he was worried, and deal with all the laggers (slow walkers). For such a young person he showed so much maturity, patience and he also showed a great sense of humour. Freeman was happy to answer personal questions about life in China when we asked, but never tried to participate in our chatter, he was just lovely. I cannot speak highly enough of Freeman - he made some really mentally tough days a breeze, and always completed any task we required without any hesitation whatsoever.

I commend you and your organization on a fabulous adventure, and incredible China experience, with the most delicious food (except one meal) and fabulous accommodation (especially the last nights).

The only thing I would have loved was for Michael, Freeman and our bus driver to have sat with us upon our invitation at meal time. I understand that this was not the custom, but it would have been nice for us and we all agreed on that. I would just love to come back and do it all over again. Warmest Regards

--Roslyn Mitchell, from Australia, after BCNA Beijing tour in Octomber,2016

I was a recent participant, on the Inspired Adventure tour of the Great Wall, 10 days, 5 days hiking, with BCNA. I would like to compliment you on your tour. Your service was fantastic and Michael, Freeman and our Bus driver all did a super job. The tour leaders were excellent and also the Australian guide. The service was fantastic and we were extremely well looked after, Michael is very knowledgeable and super helpful with all different expectations and requests, nothing was too much trouble. Freeman joined us on the 5 day walk tour and he was so extremely polite and helpful continuously assisting each of us with our specific needs and always seemed to be there when help was needed. I thank you for providing such a comprehensive and well organized tour. I feel like I saw so much of China that I would not have seen had I travelled alone. The only down side was some hotels were not too good, and some food I did not enjoy. However, I can say that I was adequately warm in the hotels and always had a hot shower and even though I did not enjoy the food too well, there was always a great variety on offer. I would definitely recommend your tour and Michael and Freeman are a great complement to your company. Thanking you

--Jennifer Demera, from Australia, after BCNA Beijing tour in Octomber,2016

Itinerary: Great challenge, good grading. Very safe. 

General:Guides were fantastic, please pass on our many thanks!!

-- Brooke Caruana, from Australia, after Beijing tour, over May till June, 2016

Tsering, we want to thank you again for a wonderful tour of Tibet.  You were right on time to greet us at the airport on our arrival and each morning as we began a new day's tour ofTibet.  Your knowledge of the culture, religion and scenery was excellent and added much information and appreciation to our travels.  You were always kind and patient and accommodating to our needs.  You were most helpful in assisting us with ordering our meals and even changing hotels.  We appreciate the care you and our driver gave to us.  Bringing us to the carpet store and the flower pie store are special memories.  Thank you so much!  

-- Steve and Nancy, from The United States, after tour to Tibet, May 2016

Dear David, 

Thank you so much for being a wonderful guide and kind person. We will cherish our memories of China with you and remember you from all our great photos you took for us.

--Gagnon Family from USA, after Beijing Tour, October 2015

It was a fantastic trip, and I would like to thank you personally for having organized everything so well. I liked everything – the guides, the drivers, the sights, the people, the hotels. There was not a morning and an afternoon on which I did not see something beautiful and amazing! Some of those bridges are among the nicest things I have ever seen, and that I was able to meet Zheng Duojin and his family was a sensation.

I very much appreciated your attention to every detail, and that you even called during the trip to see how things were going.

Please extend again my sincerer gratitude to your guides and drivers. 

Hope to meet you some day!

--Thomas from Switzerland, after Hakka Houses& Covered Bridge Tour, November 2015

We are sitting at the departure lounge in Shanghai waiting for our flight and wanted to say a big thank you for helping us have a very enjoyable holiday in China. Everything has been very well organised and we have had peace of mind that anything organised through you has been reliable and quality service. 

Jack is a wonderful guy. He gave us a real insight into what it was like to live in China both past and present. It was as nice listening to his great knowledge of the history of China as it was sharing a meal with him in one of the wonderful restaurants that was arranged by your company. 

Mr Wong was also really nice too. He had great humour and was a lot of fun at the same time as transporting us safely to wherever we wanted to go. His driving was expert and he made a number of accident saving manoeuvres in the crazy Beijing traffic - a true master!

Even the driver that picked us up to take us to the airport today was professional, safe, enthusiastic and friendly. 

I would definitely recommend your company to all my friends and colleagues and would be happy to be a reference for you in Australia should any of your potential clients need someone to talk to about your company. 

Wishing you all the very best.

--Oct 26th, 2014, Trewhella Family, Australia

Thanks for your Email! My visitors were very happy and satisfied with your guides and service. We would appreciate to cooperate again.

-Christine from Germany, Sep 19, 2014

What can I say that hasn't already been said?

I was out to have fun while in china I just didn't expect to have as much fun as I did. That was due largely to the people involved. The country helped, it was the people (yes I'm talking about you all) I journeyed with that made so much more enjoyable. If I were ever to do this again I would hope that the same type of no nonsense, adventure seeking, fun loving people are on it. This trip has spoilt me and any other trip has a lot to live up to.

In short: I would like to thank you all for making a possible hard adventure seem easy (it wasn't easy we know. You just made it seem that way).

Thank you for who and what you are the world needs you.

Darren from Australia, after Sichuan Cycling Tour, June 2014

Dear Punning and Tiger,

Back in xining, but dreaming of regong. Great trip. Great guide. Great driver. You guys run a first class operation, and I appreciate everything you have done to make the final days of our trip in china ones to remember.

All the best,

David,from New York, after tour to Summer in Amdo Tibet, June 2014

All, I just like to say a quick thank you to everyone for making this trip such a memorable one. I'm not a great one for organized trips, but because we had such a lovely group of people and fantastic guides in Bruce & Aaron, it was one if the best holidays I've had in a while.

Thank you and safe journey home.

N x from Australia, after Sichuan Cycling Tour

June 2014

Hi guys,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to you both for making our China trip so extraordinary. You really went above and beyond what was required, and I just wanted you both to you know how appreciative we were.

Jessie - you always had a smile on face. No question was ever too difficult for you, and you cared for the whole group like we were your kids! You truly are a wonderful person... And you have the voice of an angel.

Michael - we all enjoyed your stories and your sense of humour. You watched out for everyone on the group and for that we are thankful. You definitely ensured that we enjoyed our time in China.

I'd love to send you both a copy of my book... Would you mind giving me your address?

Hope to see you both one day again.

Turia x from Australia, after Great Wall Adventure

June12, 2014

Thank you for the tour arrangement in Hong. It was great!

I confirm we agree with the Beijing tour, but we would like to pay with credit card

-- By Mr. Ernesto Lewis from Panama, Feb, 2012

Fujian was very nice. Wuyi Shan is a wonderful environment and to be able to spend some more time there would be a recommendation for future tours. 

Gulangyu is definitely the place to stay, Xiamen is just another city.

Hotels were all wonderful, organization and the itinerary perfect. Jenny is very friendly and helpful...

The best experience was the night in the Hakka House! The host even killed a chicken that evening!

I do look forward to the next trips.

-- By Ms. Silke Schau, from Germany, Feb, 2012

Dear ms. emily: this message is to thank you, the driver and allen zhou for a job well done. Our trip to the big wall was excellent, well planned and I am impressed by the good attitude of your staff. Please convey to them my personal gratitude.

-- Francisco Carreira-Pitti (From Republic of Panama)

We just wanted to let you know that we arrived back home safely this morning at approximately 5:30am local time. Dawn & I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful tour you gave us yesterday ... was it yesterday ... I have no idea ... it's all a blur at this point! Anyway, we had an AMAZING time! Please let us know if you ever come to NY, we'd love to return the favor!

Best wishes & continued success

-- Kim & Dawn, from New York, U.S.A, Sep, 2010

Thank you for your note. The trip was great! I will put up a recommendation on Trip Advisor for you and I have already mentioned perse China to several friends. I will also tell some local travel agents about your service.

You do a very good job and I plan on using you again when I bring my wife to China.

-- By Frank Martin, from L.A, U.S.A, August, 2010

Yes. All going well. Guides have been great. Thanks.

-- By Scott Berg, from U.S.A, August, 2010 (from text message)

Just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in helping us make this trip such an interesting experience. You had been very patient, always accommodating to our request.

I also wanted to express my gratitude for introducing such a capable and humorous tour guide, Shu Liang, to me. Together with the driver, they kept us entertained throughout the whole trip. Shu Liang has also been a very knowledgeable tour guide and has taught us much about China's History and cultural heritage.

Thank You for making our trip a pleasant and enduring one. We will definitely recommend you to our fellow Singaporean counterparts who are keen to take an adventure trip in China.

--By Vincent Goh, from Singapore, June, 2010

We would like to express our great satisfaction with the whole tour you organized for us.

The hotels were great, the food was exceptional, the sights were interesting and our guide Jack did a great job.

The commune by the great wall offer a truly unforgettable experience with its villas and the section of the Great Wall that belongs to it premises?

Outstanding was the lunch in the Dali restaurant.

Thanks again for providing us with these unforgettable memories.

--By Barbara Franz, from Switzerland, March, 2010

Once again thank you for your patience, we had an awesome time in China! Here are a few pictures of us in our regalia and the ones from our supper together. I just wish we were more awake for the walk after! The tours in Xi'an where amazing! Zhang Wenxin is an awesome guide! we see so much on our trip we have to look at our pictures to remember everything!

Take care and we will recommend you to our friends!

-- By Alaina and Jr. from U.S.A, August 26, 2009

A good travel brochure with prepared by DChina and E-mailed on time.

Performance and the dinner at the theater was very good and also the Terracotta Museum!

All the meals were very good.

-- By Horacio L.Sessarego,from Canada,Jan,2009

China Trip with Lifetime Memories!

I am a photographer and searched Google for Best Photos of China to tell Diverse China Travel what highlights I wanted to see. I chose NOT to go to Beijing because I didn't want to see temples and museums, but rather I wanted to experience the scenic areas and local culture. I was seeking great photo opportunities, but still stay in first class accommodations. From my online research I asked to see the Li River Karst peaks at sunrise and the cormorant fisherman at sunset. I also wanted to see the rice terraces and the Chengdu Panda Base. Tiger Li fulfilled all my requests and the trip provided me all the photo opportunities that I wanted. The guides all spoke excellent English and were responsive to my requests to get to my preferred locations at the best time of day and also allowed all the time I needed to experience the local culture and beauty. The highlight was that my guide Mark knew how to contact an older fisherman with a bamboo raft and traditional clothing to meet me at the dock before sunset. He was there just for me and worked under my direction to get his raft in the best position to align with the sunset and mountains for the perfect photo! I HIGHLY recommend Diverse China for your travel plans.

-- Len Johnson, from the USA, after China Photo tpur from March to April,2017