• sichuan family tour

    Duration 7 Days

  • Guilin Family Tour


  • Family Tour Across China


  • 12dyas Amdo Tibet Summer

    Duration 12 days

  • Salzburg Festival

    Duration 3 days

  • Torch Festival of Yi in Xichang

    Duration 5 days

  • Yunnan Classical Tour

    Duration 9 days

  • Huangshan & Jiangnan Ancient Village

    Duration 4 days

  • Trek from Baoshan Rock Village to Lugu Lake, 8 Days Yunnan Trekking Tour

    Duration 8 days

  • Trek around Lhasa

    Duration 9 days

  • Amne Machin Trekking

    Duration 10 days

  • 7 Days Guizhou Hidden Tribes Hike

    Duration 7 Days

  • Xunadu Biking in Inner Mongolia

    Duration 10 days

  • Qinghai Lake Biking Tour

    Duration 6 days

  • Biking from Beijing to the Eastern End of Great Wall

    Duration 10 days

  • Giant Buddha, Giant Panda & Mt.Emei Tour

    Duration 6 Days

  • Zhalong Birding Tour-Dancing with Red Crowned Crane


  • Bird-Watching in Sichuan


  • 9 Days Beidaihe Birding Tour

    Duration 9 Days

  • Diverse China Discovery Photo Tour

    Duration 22 Days

  • Yunnan Shining Spring

    Duration 7 Days

  • 26N27D Photo tours +The Silk Road Safari

    Duration 27 Days

  • Top 10 Secret Landscapes in China

    From InternsInBeijingSee stunning landscapes in China, that you didn't even know exist.10 Hongshan Grand Canyon, XinjiangColourful HongshanThe 15.5-m

  • TOP 5 weird, but beautifying Chinese foods

    Food is fuel for the body. But if we want to improve our health and beauty then it is important to fill ourselves up with the right kind of fuel.The C

  • China’s diversified food fare appeals to a growing number of global gastronomes

    Taihu white shrimp and shrimp with wild rice stems, two dishes served at Huai Yang Fu restaurant in Beijing. Photo: Courtesy of Xie LingChina's culin

  • Bike Over Traffic: World’s Longest Elevated Cycling Path Opens in China

    China’s first aerial bike path spans nearly five miles, raised over streets and highways and connecting six public transit hubs in the heart of

  • Chinese authorities destroy fake tourist attraction

    Just in case your next tourist destination is Xi’an, make sure you get a certified tour book and check your list of “places I would like to visit”

  • Our Happy Customers

    I am struggling to find the words to describe the experience as a whole, it was amazing, and even now four weeks later, making the time to think about our trip stirs up so much beautiful emotion. The tour was very well organized, well planned and very flexible. I never expected such amazingly delicious food, such spectacular scenery and a really incredible exposure to the Great Wall in particular. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had.

  • Our Happy Customers

    The only thing I would have loved was for Michael, Freeman and our bus driver to have sat with us upon our invitation at meal time. I understand that this was not the custom, but it would have been nice for us and we all agreed on that. I would just love to come back and do it all over again. Warmest Regards --Roslyn Mitchell, from Australia, after BCNA Beijing tour in Octomber,2016