Xunadu Biking in Inner Mongolia
Xunadu Biking in Inner Mongolia Xunadu Biking in Inner MongoliaXunadu Biking in Inner MongoliaXunadu Biking in Inner MongoliaXunadu Biking in Inner MongoliaXunadu Biking in Inner Mongolia
Xunadu Biking in Inner Mongolia

Duration:10 days

Tour Type:Biking Tour

Best Time to Go:March-October


Highlights:Xanadu relics
Dali Lake
Horse Riding in Wulanbutong Grassland l

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Trip Overview

Xanadu, Zanadu, or Shangdu (in Chinese) was the summer capital of Kublai Khan\'s Mongol Empire on the grassland of Inner Mongolia. The palace is believed to have been half the size of Forbidden City in Beijing. But nowadays, the most relics are the earthen walls, though there is also a (ground-level) circular brick platform in the center of the inner enclosure. 

Our biking will start right from the Forbidden City, the center of the Middle Kingdom, then bike north words about 500kms to Xanadu, the former capital of Yuan Dynasty. Followed Xanadu, we continue our bike to north to one of the national parks with remarkable Danxia landforms, and then the second largest lake in Inner Mongolia.

Day 1 Beijing to Huailai via Yanqing

Today, be meeted by the guide.

Start biking right from the Front Gate, Changping town to take your first break and continue northward along National Road 110. Pass Ming tombs where we can pay a short visit if time permits.

Take another break in Yanqing which locates by Guanting reservoir and Gui River. Then  bike to the other side of the reservoir.

The destination is Huailai, and take a lesser road northwards.

Biking distance 115kms/70miles

Overnight Huailai Yixinyuan Hot spring Hotel

(B L, D)


Day 2 Huailai to Chicheng

Today, meet local people on the road or in the small villages. The broken or wild Great Wall shows up on the top of the mountains from time to time.

In later afternoon, get to Chicheng. After getting refreshed, go to a local restaurant for an authentic meal. And then, enjoy the hot spring after the long biking.

Biking distance 92kms/56miles

Overnight Luquan Grand Hotel in Chicheng 

(B, L, D)


Day 3 Chicheng to Guyuan

From Chicheng to Guyuan, the scenery is similar to yesterday. Follow Baihe (White River) upstream to the north, then conquer more mountains and see more broken Great Walls on both sides. The last mountain will take us away from the river but bring us more Great Wall more closely. After the last downhill biking, get into the grassland after a couple of days biking.

Biking distance 88kms/54miles

Overnight Tailaishangwu hotel in Guyuan 

(B, L, D)


Day 4 Guyuan to Zhenglanqi

After 25kms/15miles biking on the grassland, get into the territory of Inner Mongolia, where the largest empire on history of human being was born.

Have lunch in a local restaurant when we get to Taipusiqi (Baochang town) after 50km/30miles biking. Then continue to head north to Zhenglanqi. Today, you will partially use vehicle for transport since the distance is quite long.

In late afternoon, get to the yurt hotel on the grassland near Xanadu.

Biking distance 100km/60miles, total distance of today 142kms/87miles

Overnight Yurt hotel on grassland

(B, L, D)


Day 5 Xanadu

Today, start your biking right from the resort on the grassland to Xanadu relics. Then continue the biking to the inner area around Aobao Hill from where we could hike on the top to bird eye view of the surrounded scenery of grassland, desert, lakes and nomads houses with sheep, cattle, and horses. If energy permits, you can explore further to the lakes.

Biking distance 90kms/55miles

Overnight Yurt Hotel on grassland

(B, L, D)


Day 6 Xanadu to Xilin Hot

The distance between Xunadu and Xilin Hot is about 230km. Drive out of Xanadu to the national road and start your biking where Huitengguole grassland starts. The green dense grassland dotted with woods and small villages describes impressive scenery, particularly at sunset, the grassland is like a glorious dream.

Biking distance 100km/61miles

Overnight Yuanhe Jianguo Hotel Xilingol

(B, L, D)


Day 7 Xilin Hot to Dali Lake

Today, take some part of the road we drove yesterday and then follow the branch road to Dali Lake. The grass on both sides gets more and more sparse since we approach Hunshandake desert. After a long biking, a blue lake shows up gradually in front of us like a mirage. It is not a mirage, it is Dali Lake, the second large lake in Inner Mongolia, an inhabit area for immigrate birds in Spring and Autumn. The white wind wheels paint another color on the blue sky by the lake.

Biking distance 100kms/61miles

Overnight Dalinuoer Binguan 

(B, L, D)


Day 8 Dali Lake to Wulanbutong

Today, the biking is getting more and more splendid. We start from Dali Lake to the south west. To our right hand, it is a desert with uncountable sand dunes. Camels can be seen from time to time. To our left hand, it is the green mountains which block the sands moving to the south. The road is nice to bike. Gradually, we bike into the valleys after the desert. In Huamu Valley, the white & red birches will escort us till we get to Wulanbutong Grassland.

Cycle to the town and get refreshed before dinner.

Biking distance 97kms/59miles

Overnight Hongshan Hotel

(B, L, D)


Day 9 Biking or Horse Riding in Wulanbutong Grassland

Wulanbutong Grassland started to known for its beautiful landscape and was the imperial hunting area for the Qing royal families. Now it becomes one of the most popular interest with Saihanba Grassland for tourists.

Today, start our biking from the town around the grassland. You also have option of riding horses.

Biking and horse riding on the grassland will give you an unforgettable day of your life.

Biking distance 40kms/24miles

Overnight Hongshan Hotel (B, L, D)


Day 10 Drive back Beijing

After a leisure morning, we drive six hours back Beijing via Chengde Summer Resort where we will spend 2 hours to visit the royal resort.

In late afternoon or in the evening, we get back Beijing.

Biking tour ends. (B, L)

Trip ends