9 Days Mountains and sea echoed
9 Days Mountains and sea echoed 9 Days Mountains and sea echoed9 Days Mountains and sea echoed9 Days Mountains and sea echoed
9 Days Mountains and sea echoed

Duration:9 Days

Tour Type:Cultural Tour

Best Time to Go:All Season



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Trip Overview

Traditional and modern cultures are integrated in China. perse China Travel select 4 cities in South China and tailors this tour with Shanghai, Yellow Mountain, Xiamen and HK so that you can hike, enjoy sightseeing and explore on you own in traditional towns and big cities


All meals listed as breakfast as B, Lunch as L and Dinner as D.

Day 1. Shanghai Arrival

ShanghaiClients arrives at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Upon arrival, be greeted by our local guide with clients\' name sign at the exit.

You will visit the Old City and Bund.

The Bund in Shanghai is a famous waterfront and regarded as the symbol of Shanghai from early 1900\'s. It winds a 1500 meters (less than one mile) in length and a wonderful place to admire both of the old buildings on the west bank of Huangpu River and the brand grand new buildings in Pudong. Particularly in the evening, the night view is non to second in China or maybe Asia as well.

Overnight Astor House Hotel

Meals: L, D


Day 2. Shanghai to Huangshan

HuangshanThis morning, you will take bullet train G1509(08:41-13:14) to Huangshan and visit Tunxi Old Street.

Tunxi Old Street, positioned at the heart of the Huangshan City, The Street is and has been the commercial center of Huizhou since about the time of Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279). The stone paved street is approximately 7 meters wide and stretches 1,273 meters in length, of which 895 meters is zoned as a pedestrian commercial street. The brick and stone constructed shops along the street are in the tradition of the local Anhui style aesthetically as well a programmatically, with shops in front with residences or workshops in the back.

This unique design leads visitors to believe the shops are relatively small, however, they are rather unusually deep.

Overnight Hui Hotel

Meals: B, L, D


Day 3. Huangshan

Yellow MountainThis day, you will climb the famous Yellow Mountain.

Yellow Mountain in the south Anhui is probably the most notable one of all the mountains in China. It was renamed in 747 AD in recognition of the legendary Yellow Emperor, who was the reputed ancestor of the Chinese people and who made magic pills for immortality here. 

Its landform is a kind of typical granite mountains and forests. It was the result of several movements of lithosphere as well as the work of nature during the long geological age. 77 peaks are more than 1,000 meters above sea level. Granite limestone towers and oddly shaped rocks spread all over the scenic area.

Overnight North Sea Hotel

Meals: B, D


Day 4. Huangshan

XidiToday, you will continue your tour in Yellow Mountain, which is West Sea Valley.

Xihai (West Sea) valley, also called "white cloud valley", has a total length of 15 km, is one of the famous Huangshan Grand Canyon. As uncultivated virgin land, because it\'s magical, horror, it is called "the devil in the world." It\'s good for adventure tourist and photo tour.

Overnight Pig\' Inn

Meals: B, D


Day 5. Huangshan to Xiamen

XiamenThis morning, after breakfast, we will visit Hongcun and Xidi.The ancient village near Huangshan. Here we will see a scenery as a painting.

After that, we will take bullet train G1601 (11:26-15:50) to Xiamen and drive to Gulangyu.

Covering a total area of 1.78 square kilometers, Gulangyu Island is located off the coast of Xiamen City in Fujian Province. It got its present name from the huge reef surrounding it. When the tide comes in, the waves pound the reef and it sounds like the beating of a drum. The island came to be named 'Gulang'. Gu in Chinese means 'drum', and Lang means 'wave'.

Overnight Xiamen Penero Resort Hotel

Meals: B


Day 6. Xiamen

You will start your island tour today. The first is South Putuo Temple.

The temple covers 30,000 square meters with four main buildings on the north-south axis. The buildings include Devajara Hall (the Hall of Heavenly Kings), Mahavira Hall (Daxiongbaodian), Dabei Hall (the Hall of Great Compassion) and a Pavilion built in 1936 in which Buddhist scriptures, Buddha images from Burma, ivory sculptures and other works of art are stored. The many rooms flanking the main buildings include dormitories, libraries and study rooms for monks.

After that you will visit around the island, then drive back to downtown and visit Old City.

Overnight Sansiro Hotel

Meals: B, L

Day 7. Xiamen to Nanjing County

You will take a car to Nanjing County visit ancient buildings with Fujian Charateritics-Tianluokeng Hakka Earth Buildings in.

There are many families living together in one building. We will go to visit Chengqi Building which is a representative one there. And tonight we will stay one night there to feel the life in this amazing round building.

Overnight Weiqunlou Earth Building Hostel

Meal: B, L

Day 8. Hong Kong

Hong KongAfter breakfast, you will drive back to Xiamen and fly to Hong Kong and enjoy two-day free time.

You can go to Victoria Bay to have a wonderful night view. Walking on the Star Avenue or standing there to feel a modern Hong Kong. And don\'t miss the local food there.

Overnight: The Metropark Hotel Kowloon

Meal: B


Day 9. Depart Hong Kong

Hong KongYou will continue your free time here and fly back home then.

There are places you can go in HK, like Victoria peak, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Nathan Road and so on.

Meal: B