Photo tours +The Silk Road Safari
Photo tours +The Silk Road Safari Photo tours +The Silk Road SafariPhoto tours +The Silk Road SafariPhoto tours +The Silk Road SafariPhoto tours +The Silk Road Safari
Photo tours +The Silk Road Safari

Duration:27 Days

Tour Type:Photo Tour,Silk Road

Best Time to Go:Mar-May


Highlights:Eerhai with Cruise
Dali old town
Tiger leaping Gorge

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Day 1: Thu Hanoi to Kunming

Upon arrival in Kunming and transferred to hotel. After some rest Later free wander the interesting flower market.

Overnight Longteng Hotel Kunming (B, L)


Day 2: Fri Kunming

Visit Yuantong Temple, a temple combined features of Buddhism and Daoism. Then take a leisurely stroll along the Green Lake, a charming area of teahouses and small boutiques. Green Lake Park is a place you can experience the vivid life of local people for singing, dancing and playing chess ect. Then drive to Stone Forest for about 1.5 hours. The Stone Forest, A region of typical Karst formation, covers an area of more than three hundred square kilometers and a stunning place to visit.

Overnight Longteng Hotel Kunming (B, L)


Day 3: Sat Kunming to Dali   

Take the morning flight to Dali. hang out yourself in bars or tea houses in Foreigner’s Street, visit an interesting Catholic church built in 1927 and framed in typical Bai’s architecture features.

Overnight Fairyland Hotel Dali (B, L)


Day 4: Sun Dali

Explore Dali from attending the fabulous morning market in the nearby Xizhou, witness old lifestyles long-standing among the local people. Complex of age-old Bai private houses is still well-preserved include Yan’s compound. Enjoying the beautiful scenery along Erhai Lake, Then Visit Three-pagodas of Chongsheng Temple in the afternoon. the greatest landmark of Dali over 1,000 years. Rest time leisurely walk in Dali old town, step on flagstone streets, look around delicate courtyards, fall in beautiful handcrafts, 

Overnight Fairyland Hotel Dali(B, L)


Day 5: Mon Dali to Shaxi

Take the way northward to Shaxi via Jianchuan, where has the China’s heaviest Bai minority population. In Jianchuan, wander the flagstone alleyways for extant Ming and Qing architectures, visit a nearby village to get insight of the extraordinary woodcarvings that widely decorated on those old houses. Later visit Shibao Mountain, a notable site with the exquisite Buddhist grottos and the best Bai stone carvings. Shaxi, a serene and pristine small town, while the crucial outpost on one of the old Tea-Horse trading routes. Explore the extremely pretty old town, cross the ancient stone bridge, walking the same trail as the horse caravans.

Overnight Gudao Hotel (B, L)


Day 6: Tue Shaxi to Lijiang

Enjoy the calm morning of Shaxi, then takes around 2 hours drive to Lijiang. Rest time sink yourself in old town of Lijiang, famed for its brilliant ancient architectures, unique Dongpa pictographic script, excellent traditional music, and fabulous lifestyles of Naxi people. Explore the town through deep alleys spreading out in all directions, As the way up the hill behind it, get a finest bird’s view of panoramic Lijiang old town. Later visit Black Dragon Pond, where offers the best view of the majestic backdrop of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. 

Overnight Lijiang Jinhong Villa (B, L)

Day 7: Wed Lijiang

Today out of Lijiang to visit a pristine village of Yuhu (Jade Lake Village), where gains the name due to a nearby turquoise lake. Additionally, it is the ancient home of famed botanist Joseph Rock who lived here decades of earlier 20th century. Next is Baisha village and see the ancient murals preserved there, fusion of Chinese Taoist, Tibetan and Naxi Buddhists and Dongba shamans. Another ancient town of Shuhe will also be visited in the late afternoon. Situated at the foot of Jade Snow Dragon Mountain, Shuhe is one of the earliest settlements for Naxi people and is a former staging post on the Tea-Horse trading route.

Overnight Lijiang Jinhong Villa (B, L)

Day 8: Thu Lijiang to Zhongdian

Today drive to Zhongdian, known as Shangrila for its natural beauty. On the way, stop at Shigu township for the U-shaped vista of the First Bend of Yangtze River. At town of Qiaotou, visit Tiger Leaping Gorge. Take short hike down to the bottom of the gorge, up-close view the raging Jinshajiang River plunges through sharp, large rocks and crashes down into the river forming swirling whirlpools. As the countryside changes to Tibetan barley fields and villages, Zhongdian is arrived.

Overnight Salong Hotel (B, L)

Day 9: Fri Zhongdian

Morning visit Gedan Sumtseling Monastery, built by the fifth Dalai Lama during 16th century, it is the most important site in Shangri-la. Later go to Pudacuo national park including Bita Lake and Shudu Lake. The scenery of these two plateau lakes will offer you more to photos. 

Overnight Salong Hotel (B, L)

Day 10: Sat Zhongdian

Free time.

Overnight Salong Hotel (B, L)

Day 11: Sun Kunming to Xian 

Transfer to Kunming airport for flying to Xian. Meet your Xi\'an guide and transfer to hotel.

Xi\'an was once the capital city for 13 dynasties in ancient times, such as the Western Zhou (11th century to 771 BC) and Tang Dynasties (AD 618-907). Xi\'an was also the starting city of the Silk Road and is believed to have been one of the four largest cities in the world from the 7th to 10th centuries.

Overnight Skytel Xian Hotel (B, L)

Day 12: Mon Terracotta Warriors , Tang Dynasty, and City Wall

After breakfast this morning, drive 1.5 hours to the site of the Terracotta Warriors, which are considered one of the most significant archaeological excavations of the 20th century. First discovered in 1974 by farmers digging a well, the discovery eventually attracted archaeologists which led to the largest pottery figurine find in China\'s history. China\'s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, began the work on the figurines in 246 BC at the age of 13. In the museum, see a short movie on how the warriors were made and how they survived being buried for so long.

Drive back to the city for an introduction to the Tang Dynasty, or the "Golden Era" of China. Visit the Tang Dynasty Art Museum, where you learn about calligraphy and participate in a short lesson. Try your hand at this visual art as you practice writing Chinese characters with a brush and ink. Next explore Ancient City Wall. This afternoon, bike 14 km along the Xi\'an Ancient City Wall, stopping for impressive views of the old city contained within its walls on one side and the modern city that lies without to the other side.

Overnight Skytel Xian Hotel (B, L)

Day 13: Tue Xian to Dunhuang

This early morning, we begin our tour. Go to Xian airport on your own to take flight to Dunhuang. Meet the local guide at Dunhuang Airport. After check in hotel and lunch, we will visit the Crescent Moon Lake and Sand Echo Hill to enjoy a spectacular view of a green oasis surrounded by an endless desert landscape. 

Crescent Moon Lake is located in the arms of Sand Echo Hill, appearing clear and beautiful. The mountain is five kilometers (about three miles) away from the city of Dunhuang. Seen from afar, the mountain is just like a golden dragon winding its way over the horizon.

Overnight Silk Road Dunhuang hotel (B, L)

Day 14: Wed Dunhuang to Turpan

This morning we will visit to Mogao Caves, whose 492 caves, 450,000 square feet of murals dates from the fourth to the fourteenth centuries. The caves were abandoned in the fourteenth century and lay untouched until the beginning of the twentieth century.

Followed the Mogao Caves, we will go to visit The Western Thousand-Buddha Cave, which is situated to the west of Mogao Caves, is set into a cliff on the bank of the Dang River, 35 kilometers (about 22 miles) from Dunhuang City. Because the frescos in this cave are similar in structure and artistic style to those found in Mogao Caves, the Western Thousand-Buddha Cave is considered Dunhuang Buddhist art. Although the exact ages of the caves are not known, there is speculation that this cave may have emerged earlier than the Mogao Caves did.

Tonight we take the overnight train to Turpan K726 (2016/+0910) with soft sleepers

Overnight on the train (B, L)

Day 15: Thu Turpan

Turpan is a town and oasis in the Turpan depression in east Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is an agricultural center producing cotton and cotton textiles, silk, wheat, grapes, dried fruit, and wine. 

Upon our arrival, we drive about an hour for the Astana Ancient Tombs. This Tang-dynasty burial ground known as the "Underground Museum" attracts stream of archaeologists both at home and abroad.

Along the way, we will pass the Flaming Mountains, where we will take stops for photo. 

In the later afternoon, we go to the Grape Valley. Despite being surrounded by dry desert hills, the valley itself is fed by melted snow from the Tian Mountain, and the trees and trellises offer a comfortable shade to escape from the blazing sun.

Overnight Tuha Petroleum Hotel (L)

Day 16: Fri Turpan

This morning, we will come to the ruins of the Ancient City of Jiaohe. 2000 years ago, Jiaohe was the seat of the imperial court of the front State of pretty well due to its high location and scanty rainfall. The surviving ruins such as official buildings, pottery kilns, courtyards, temples and pagodas are still distinguishable.

In the afternoon, we will visit the Emin Minaret, a typical Uygur architecture, followed by the Karez Irrigation System, one of China’s three greatest feats of ancient engineering. After that, you will enjoy the traditional folk dance.

Overnight Tuha Petroleum Hotel (B, L)

Day 17: Sat Turpan to Urumqi

Today, we drive to Urumqi. Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is a growing metropolis inhabited mainly by Han Chinese which serves as a transport hub for those crossing to Tibet, Pakistan and Central Asia.

The afternoon will be spent at the Xinjiang Museum, best known for its vast collection of Han and Tang Dynasty treasures and a fascinating display of recently discovered mummies, some 6,000 years old.

Tonight, we will enjoy roasted lamb leg as farewell dinner.

Overnight Hoi Tak Hotel (B, L)

Day 18: Sun Heavenly Lake

This morning, after breakfast in the hotel, we drive 110kms/68 miles about one hour to Heavenly Lake, which located north east to Urumqi. 

Heavenly Lake is also a relic of the Quaternary Period Glacier and its surrounding geological relics. Standing by the lake, we can see the snow covered Bogeda Mountain.

We will take a boat ride on the lake.

After admiring the beautiful scenery by Heavenly Lake, we drive back Urumqi in late afternoon and enjoy your free time to explore the city.

Overnight Hoi Tak Hotel (B, L)

Day 19: Mon Urumqi to Kanas

This morning, we will take flight to Kanas. After get refreshed in the Resort, we come to visit the most beautiful mountain lake you have never seen. It is the latest lake open to all tourists in China and has attained a reputation as "the tourism pearl of Mountain Altai". The lake takes on different colors following the four seasons of the year, sometimes it\'s crystal blue, sometimes it\'s dark green, or even gray, you may find it containing many colors setting off each another at a time, thus it got a name as the color-changing lake. You will visit Birch Forest, Crouching Dragon Bay, Moon Bay, Holy Spring, Fish-looking Pavilion by the shuttle bus and the Kanas Lake by boat.

Overnight Hongfu Lake Kanas Resort (B, L)

Day 20: Tue Kanas

This morning we drive to Hemu Village, a beautiful village in Kanas area. In 2005, the Tuvan villages of Kanas was chosen by the Chinese National Geographic magazine as one of the six most beautiful villages of China. Hemu is also one of three Tuvans villages remaining in China today. So, in each season of the year, Hemu is an idea destination for photographers.

We will visit Tuvans Family in the village to learn more their culture and history.

In late afternoon, we drive 

Overnight Hongfu Lake Kanas Resort (B, L)

Day 21: Wed Kanas to Kashgar

After breakfast in the hotel, we check out and drive to Kanas airport for our AM flight to Urumqi.

At Urumqi airport, we are going to take connecting flight to Kashgar.

Upon arrival Kashgar, be greeted by our Kashgar local guide and transfer to hotel.

Kashgar, a hub on the Old Silk Road, is a vibrant Islamic center within Chinese territory. It is the largest oasis city in Chinese Central Asia and 90 percent of its population (of over 300,000) is Uygur.

Kashgar\'s importance derives from its strategic position at the foot of the Pamirs Mountains, commanding access to the high glacial passes of the Silk Road routes into Central Asia, India and Persia.

Kashgar has a history of more than 2000 years.

Overnight Barony Hotel (B)

Day 22: Thu Kashgar

Today we come to explore the Sunday Barzaar. 

Sunday Bazaar, in Uygur means "farm trade market" and it is quite popular in Muslim areas. The bazaar in Kashgar is the largest in central Asia. As early as two thousand years ago, this colorful and lively market provides a great opportunity to pick up some of the Silk Road\'s most interesting souvenirs, from handmade leather boots, to traditional musical instruments, to bags of fresh spices.

Then we visit the Kashgar Ancient Town. The old town is entirely Uygur, very few Chinese around. So we could see the typical traditional town of Muslims, and visit Uygur Family.

Overnight Barony Hotel (B, L)

Day 23: Fri Kashgar

This morning, we will pay a visit to the Id Kah Mosque, the largest in mosque in China.

After lunch, we come to see the Abakh Hoja Tomb, it is a group of beautiful and magnificent buildings including the Tomb\'s Hall, the Doctrine Teaching Hall, the Grand mosque, small Mosque beside the gate, the gate tower, a pond and arch. The Tomb\'s Hall, with a dome shaped top and covered with green glazed tiles outside. 

Overnight Barony Hotel (B, L)

Day 24: Sat Kashgar to Beijing

Today, after breakfast, be escorted to the airport by the tour guide and take your flight CZ6885(1150/1330) to Urumqi, then You will take flight from Urumqi back Beijing.

Arrive at Beijing\'s airport where you are greeted by your guide, and drive about an hour to your hotel. After check-in and have a short rest. 

Overnight Bamboo Garden Hotel (B,D)

Day 25: Sun Forbidden City & Hutong Biking

Start out early this morning with an hour long Tai Chi lesson in the hotel courtyard. After breakfast head out to visit the magnificent Forbidden City. The Forbidden City bears the legacy of housing the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties starting in 1420. A World Heritage Site, the Forbidden City is now open for exploration by the public. After exploring this unique site, dine at a hidden Yunnan restaurant in a hutong near the Bell Tower.

After lunch, we set out on a tour of the nearby hutongs by bike. Explore the old neighborhoods of Beijing and get an up-close perspective of how the locals live. Your route starts at the popular Houhai area, with trees lining the waterfront, and continues on to the Drum Tower, where you can climb up for a panoramic view of the old city of Beijing. Visit additional hutongs such as Nanluoguxiang and Wudaoying Hutong. From there, we bike to the Lama Temple where you will stop to visit the royal Tibetan Monastery. Continue on to Wangfujing, the popular local market and shopping district that once housed the Qing Dynasty aristocrats. Bike back to Houhai via the Forbidden City and beautiful Beihai Park.

Biking distance: 9-12 miles / 15-20 km 

Biking time: 2-4 hours

Overnight Bamboo Garden Hotel (B, L, D)

Day 26: Mon One Day Mutianyu Great Wall Hike

This morning, we drive about 1.5 hours to Mutianyu Great Wall, which is one of the most beautiful and much lesser crowded Great Wall in Beijing.

We are going straightly up to the top of a mountain. It is well renovated. We will take the 1,000 steps up to the Great Wall. On the wall, we could walk around about 2-3 hours depending on our time and your strength. We need hike down on the same way back. If you like we can take toboggans down the Great Wall after our tour.

Hiking distance: 3-5 miles / 6-8 km 

Hiking time: 3-4 hours 

Hiking grade: Moderate

Overnight Bamboo Garden Hotel (B, L)

Day 27: Tue Departure Beijing

Enjoy your leisure morning in the hotel until our guide come to collect you for the airport.

Trip ends.