Duration:5 days

Tour Type:Family Tour

Best Time to Go:winter


Highlights:Wolong Panda Base Volunteer
Shuangqiao Valley
Changping Valley

900 USD

Day 1: Dec.24 Sun  Dujiangyan Arrival

Today, arrive at Chengdu International Airport and meet the guide. Then drive to downtown for a rest.

Overnight Dujiangyan Uvilla Resort & Culture or Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain

Meals: N/A


1.You need to have the dinner on your own today.


Day 2: Dec.25 Mon  Wolong National Nature Reserve

This day, drive to Wolong National Nature Reserve for one day’s volunteer work there.

Wolong Giant Panda Reserve, belonging to the Wolong National Nature Reserve that is reputed as the “Panda Kingdom” and “Gene Pool of Precious Flora and Fauna”, is home to about 60 percent of the world’s total panda population. Standing about 1700 meters above the sea, Wolong Giant Panda Reserve is the world’s largest breeding center for the giant pandas with more than 30 captive pandas.

In the reserve, you will wear the uniform, cook foods for them, clean the room and so on.

Overnight Above the clouds

Meals: B


Day 3: Dec.26 Tue  Shuangqiao Valley

Today, you will hike in Shuangqiao Valley.

Shuangqiao Valley is one of the three opened valleys of Mount Siguniang. It is over 30km long and a valley that visitors can see lots of snow mountains. Tourist buses are used for visiting this valley. The valley is with a series of “scenic spots”, which are the places where visitors get off the bus and take photos. A road was built in the valley however one can still choose to walk between the bus stops. The buses are running like public buses: you can get off and get on at the bus stops.

In the valley among the scenic spots, there are beautiful places called Natural Basai, Pearl Shoal, Potala Peak, Wuse Mountain, Sun and Moon Mirror, Hunter Peak, Ginseng Orchard, Shaji Forest, Jiujia Lake, Api Peak, Holy Mother Peak and many glaciers and forests. Tourists of all ages can have a visit to this park as it does not involves lots of walking if using the bus.

Overnight Above the clouds

Meals: B, L, D


Day 4: Dec. 27 Wed  Changping Valley

This day, begin your hike in Changping Valley.

The Changping Valley is one of the three main valleys of the Sinungianshan Scenic Area, in Sichuan Province, China, situated between the other two valleys, with the Shuangqiao Valley to the west and the Haizi Valley to the east. These three valleys are a very popular hiking area in Sichuan, and trekkers come from all over China, and indeed the world, to trek across the three valleys.

Changpinggou is the valley that is more typical than the other two. Shuangqiao has a wide variety of landscapes, ranging from simple alpine forests to snowy peaks and glaciers, while Haizi is more well known for the large number of alpine lakes it contains. However, being typical does not mean it is not beautiful. Changping has a beauty all of its own along its 30km length. And it is a better place for enjoying such outdoor activities as hiking, horse riding, and camping. It is also the most important base for climbing the mountains of Sanfeng and Yaomeifeng.

Overnight Above the clouds

Meals: B, L, D


Day 5: Dec. 28 Thu  Departure Chengdu

Today, drive back to Chengdu airport and fly back home.

Trip ends.

Meals: B