Name:              周上清(Erik Chow)

Guide ID:            D-5101-741304

ID Number           510107198711101593

Gender:             Male

Date of Birth:         10th Nov 1987

Graduated from University College Dublin in 2011, bachelor in Financial management

Previous working experience:

2013-2014 Citi Gold Associate in Citibank China, Hangkong Road branch

2014     Sales assistant in Youth Travel Services Co. Sichuan, Daye branch

Major events participated after acquiring guide permit:

24-25 Apr 2015:  UBS China Expedition Tour, Main Guide

12-17 Sep 2015:  Molex China Expedition Tour, English Guide

20-24 Sep 2015:  The 4th Global E-commerce Conference, VIP Guide

25-27 Sep 2015:  The 2nd Sichuan International Travel Expo, Buyers’ Guide

11 Nov 2015:   BASF Mt. Qingcheng Excursion, Lead Guide

Frequent Routes in Guiding

Downtown Chengdu: Panda base, Majushri Temple, Jinsha Museum, Wuhou Shrine, Kuanzhai Alley

Dujiang Weir and Mt. Qingcheng

Leshan Giant Buddha and Mt. Emei

Eastern Tibet area Garzi and Aba prefecture