Top 10 Secret Landscapes in China

From InternsInBeijing

See stunning landscapes in China, that you didn't even know exist.

10 Hongshan Grand Canyon, Xinjiang


Colourful Hongshan

The 15.5-mile-long canyon has been described as 'a miracle of nature' by People's Daily Online.

9 Tianshan Grand Canyon,Xinjiang Province


Only 40km north of Urumqi, lies this amazing canyon.

8 Blue Moon Valley,Yunnan 


The water from the Himalaya flows through the valley

Yunnan is a paradise for landscape seekers. Our first place on the list is the Blue Moon Valley, filled by waters of the Himalaya.

7 Yarlung Tsangpo


The deepest gorge in the world is in Tibet. With over 6000 meters at the deepest point

6 Detian Falls ,Guangxi


Detian Falls

At the border to Vietnam lies one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

5 Tiger Leaping Gorge,Yunnan


China's hiking paradise

It is one of the most beautiful and deepest gorges in the world. It is said that the gorge was named after a tiger who jumped over the river.

4 Shangrila,Yunnan


Shangrila at the border of Tibet

Shangrila is a legendary place on earth. Beautiful as the heavens they say.

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3 Nalati Grasslands,Xinjiang Province 


Wide green everywhere

The Nalati Grasslands look like the alps in Switzerland, just stunning.

2 Luoping Jiulong Waterfall,Yunnan


1 Kanas Lake, Xinjiang Province, Xinjiang 


Our number 1

Ever heard of Kanas Lake? Like the big lakes in British Columbia, Canada, this place amazes with a breathtaking scenery.

A well-deserved number 1 in China's most beautiful landscapes.


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