TOP 5 weird, but beautifying Chinese foods

Food is fuel for the body. But if we want to improve our health and beauty then it is important to fill ourselves up with the right kind of fuel.

The Chinese are known for their good health, strong shiny hair and porcelain-like complexion. Partially it’s because of genetics, but one shouldn’t underestimate the age-old habit of eating nutritious and health-boosting foods.

Since Chinese cuisine uses pretty much every ingredient known to mankind, it’s no problem for a Chinese person to consume a healthy dose of exotic roots, fungi and herbs just by eating their daily meal.

Some of these beautifying super foods are indeed so rare in the rest of world that you might have to travel to China in order to try them out. Thankfully there are plenty of more common healthy treats that one can find at a local supermarket. But just out of curiosity, let’s go over the unconventional ones instead.

Donkey gelatin


Donkey-hide gelatin (ejiao; 阿胶) is made by boiling donkey hide. The sweet-tasting gelatin is used as a blood tonic. But for the ladies it is favorable for its beautifying effects.

Ejiao can increase the reproduction of cells, making it a wonderful anti-aging food. It also improves complexion and elasticity of the skin, prevents wrinkles and lightens pigmentation.

Frog tubes


Hasma (xueha; 雪蛤) is made from the uterine tubes of female frogs. Frogs are caught and dried, once they are dry enough the fat surrounding their ovaries and oviducts is removed. Rich in hormones and lipids, hasma is used in sweet soups as a thickener, but its main purpose is to act as a remedy.

It is believed that hasma is especially useful to women. Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that women should consume hasma after giving birth and during menopause to stabilize their hormonal levels and gain strength. The fatty substance is also thought to improve one’s complexion. Hasma can supposedly detoxify the body and remove excess water, so it might be useful if your face tends to get puffy and swollen.

The Chinese have always considered frogs a delicacy that was once served only to emperors. Nowadays you can enjoy a bowl of healing hasma in many Chinese restaurants. You can even go and buy a boxful of dried hasma from a medicinal store. Before you run off to do some hasma shopping, be warned that it is pricy stuff. A large box can cost several hundred US dollars.

Edible bird’s nest


Edible bird’s nest is one of the most popular health foods in Chinese history. The rare delicacy is even called “Caviar of the East” and is made of swiftlets’ saliva. It seems the ancient Chinese weren’t so wrong to believe in the healing powers of the bird’s nest.

The researchers at Hong Kong Chinese University proved that bird’s nest contains cell pision enzymes and hormones that may stimulate reproduction and regeneration of human cells. It’s also beneficial to the immune system and metabolism.

Regular consumption of this anti-aging miracle food will brighten and lighten your skin, keeping you younger and radiant for a longer time. To experience its effects on your own skin, try out the famous bird’s nest soup.

Human placenta


Definitely one of the most hard-to-swallow items on our list. Nevertheless, human placenta or ziheche has been consumed in China for thousands of years. According to traditional Chinese medicine, dried human placenta has many health benefits.

As for its beautifying properties, there seem to be just as many. Human placenta is believed to lighten pigmentation, even out skin tone, minimize pores, improve skin texture and moisturize. It might reduce acne, wrinkles and puffy skin. Supposedly it can even stimulate breast growth.

Pearl powder


Pearl powder is a finely milled powder that’s created from real pearls. Now, one would assume that pearl powder is some pearly face powder the Chinese ladies use to give their faces a lovely glow. However, that’s only part of the story – you can also eat it.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, pearl powder contains several amino acids and minerals. It has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect which makes it perfect for improving the skin. Since pearl powder helps to purify the skin and speed up the creation of new cells, it is used in acne treatment.

Supposedly it can also fade acne scars, freckles and dark spots caused by aging. But the wondrous powder is capable of so much more. Pearl powder reduces wrinkles and helps to keep skin moist. Overall, your skin should look and feel just as glowing and smooth as a pearl.

If you want to try out this magical beautifier, then consume a gram of pearl powder mixed into water. You should do it at least twice a week.

Let us know if you have tried any of these strange beautifiers and if you have seen any results.