1.Do you offer any discounts if we have many people in our group?
Yes, our quotation is based on the size of the group. The more people in your >>top
2.When is the best time to join a Silk Road tour?
Three provinces and several cities are covered in the Silk Road tour. Among them, Xian which belongs to the Shaanxi province; Lanzhou, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang etc. which belong to Gansu province are suitable to be visited any time of the year. While for the cities like Turpan, Urumqi, Kashigar etc in Xinjiang province, May to October is the best time to visit there, especially June to September the harvest time of this area, when you could taste the delicious fruit and experience the country life.group, the more discounts you can have.
3.Is there an airport shuttle bus from Pudong Airport going to Central Hotel Shanghai? The hotel address is No.555 Jiujiang Rd, Huangpu. Or any metro bus? Taking subway is difficult we do have accompany elderly. thank you.
Upon landing, take shuttle bus line 5, get off at East Yan'an Road Middle Zhejiang Road Station. Then walk northeast around 800 yards to find the hotel.
4. I'll be flying from Shanghai to Beijing via China Eastern Airlines (Arrive at terminal 2).And I'll have a 2h50m stopover to then go to Terminal 3. However the flight from PEK to London is with British Airways. I would like to know will I have to collect my luggage first? Then leave Terminal 2 Arrival and then head towards Terminal 3 Departure and check in again. With only 2h50m stopover, will I be able to make it?
According to your situation, it is a domestic to international transfer at PEK from T2 to T3. No, you don't need to collect the luggage. 
The correct transfer procedures are Flight Arrival & Transfer Procedures - Inspection & Quarantine - Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection - Security Check - Customs inspection - Waiting & Boarding.In addition, you'll have enough time to catch the next flight. Don't worry.
5.China 72 Hours Visa Free Policy
The newly-issued 72 hours visa free policy is valid in China starting from Jan 1st 2013. This policy offers a more convenient way to explore specified cities in China.
More details about visa-free in China
1. Who can apply for 72 hours visa-free stay in China?
Tours from 51 specified countries with a visa to the third country (China excluded) or with a third country flight ticket departure from above-listed airports to the third country within 72 hours.
2. Where to apply transit stay permit?
Head to the police station with your visas within 24 hours on your arrival in China from authorized airports. And the 72 hours visa-free is valid from the moment you acquire the permit.
3. How to apply for the permit?
Go ask for help from the staff at the airport. They will report to the airport immigration control departments and help you apply successfully.
4. Can I leave for a second city after entering China by 72-hour visa-free transit procedure?
No. Only visa-free-valid cities are free to explore within the 72 hours of your stay in China.
5. Is round-trip air ticket valid to apply this permit?
No. Only flight ticket to the third country is valid to apply for this permit.
6. Is train ticket valid to apply for visa-free permit?
No, this policy is valid in authorized airports only.
7. Visa-free countries to China
At present, 51 countries citizens can apply for visa-free stay in China, including EU (24 countries): Austria, Belgium, the Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Europe (13 countries): Russia, Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania
America (6 countries): the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile
Oceania (2 countries): Australia, New Zealand
Asia (6 countries): Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, the united Arab emirates, Qatar
6. Tips for Changing Foreign Currency in China
The following is a little advice about where and how to change the currency.
Firstly, before your travel to China, it is best to change your foreign currency into Chinese currency. You can head to the Bank of China branches at the airport to get it done. Alternatively, you can have your currency changed at those superior hotels, restaurants and some shops that offer currency exchange service.
Secondly, the exchanging rate is given by the Bank of China, so check out the foreign exchange rate information at the bank. The foreign currency that can be exchanged into Chinese currency includes US dollars, pounds Sterling, Euros, Japanese Yen and dollars from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong Macau & Taiwan among others.
Thirdly, your passport is required while exchanging the currency at the counter. There are some self-service machines available for currency exchange in some banks, such as Bank of China, shopping malls and others. Word of advice - keep the voucher paper to use it to redeem the surplus Chinese currency when leaving China.
7.Where to exchange currency in China?
Airports, banks, ATMs and most star-rated hotels are the place where you can get your currency exchanged into Chinese yuan. The exchange rate is regulated as the official rate. Do Not trust any currency exchangers in the street, or you'll risk being fraud with huge lose.
8.Will our Credit Cards accepted in China? 
Most major credit cards are accepted in hotels and shopping malls in China. Being that many small shops and restaurants may not accept credit cards, it's strongly advised to have sufficient Chinese currency with you. If you are using only credit card, inform your bank beforehand to lift cash withdrawal limits. 
9.Can I use my mobile phone in China? 
You can use your mobile phone in China after it’s unlocked by your carrier. Any calls you make will be considered long-distance and the charge can be very high, so it is suggested that you buy a SIM card from the Chinese carriers according to your phone’s network mode. There are mainly three carriers in China, China Mobile (TD-SCDMA), China Unicom (WCDMA) and China Telecom (CDMA2000). Usually when you buy a SIM card, your passport is required.
10.Are There Arrange Meals for Vegetarian Travelers?
Yes. In China, many Chinese people are the vegetarians. It is very easy to find the vegetarian food in the areas. In China, the vegetarian foods always contain fresh vegetables, mushrooms, taro and tofu and so on. They are mainly divided into three categories including monastery vegetarian food, court vegetarian food and folk vegetarian food.
To be a Smart Vegetarians
Firstly, when planning a China tour, you should tell your advisor you are a vegetarian in advance so that they can book the vegetarian restaurant for you.
Secondly, you should check whether your itinerary include the meals on the buses or trains. If so, it is better to bring some snacks, fruit and food with you. The hot water is available in the thermoses.
Thirdly, during the long-time trains, you can buy some vegetarian food on the train. One point you should pay attention is that in some snacks, the meat oil may added. Please pay special attention on them.